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Welcome to the Example Wiki MA-TESOL Candidate Assessment Portfolio (CAP)


       Rationale and Design for this Project: Rationale for and Design of This Project


      You will need your own Wiki to house and display your Candidate Assessment Portfolio.

      Before receiving permission to take the Comprehensive Examination, your must submit this portfolio for review.


      Overview of the MA-TESOL Framework for Outcomes Assessment: Framework for Outcomes Assessment 2020.pdf


      After viewing the Powerpoint below, follow the steps indicated to make your own wiki.


      Name your wiki YourNameCandidatePortfolio.  The <www.> and <@Pbworks.com> are provided for you.


Make Your Own Wiki: Make Your Own Wiki_Diaz-Rico.ppt


     To navigate this wiki, start first with your FrontPage.

          To edit, click the <EDIT> tab above the words FrontPage.

          Delete the text that comes with the Wiki. Add your own title, as I have done above.

          For maximum readability, pull your browser window to 12" wide.

          To add text, use the standard edit bar above to change the font, font style, formatting, and font color.

          To exit the page, click <Save> at the bottom of the page.

          (If you ever have trouble adding text, make sure you have clicked <EDIT>!)


     To add content, click the tab <Pages & Files> on the top blue bar next to the tab <Wiki>.

         (By the way, no matter what page you navigate to, the <Wiki> tab will return you to your FrontPage.)


     On the page <Pages & Files>, click the <New> tab just below the Wiki. Hold down to choose "Page" or Folder."

        Your folders will be listed on the left sidebar.

        First, add 9 folders. Copy the names of the folders from the <Pages & Files> page accessed by that tab above.


     How to add folders:

        Start with "Goal 8:Collegiality."  On the Pages & Files, page, find the FOLDERS title on the left sidebar.

        Click the <Add> button. Add the name of the folder:  Goal 8: Collegiality. Hit <enter> on your keyboard.

        Now go up to <Wiki>. Click to return to <FrontPage>. At FrontPage, click to return to <Pages & Files>.

        Continue with <Add> next to the FOLDERS title. Type Goal 7: Research in TESOL. Press <enter>.

        Click <Wiki> to return to FrontPage. The click <Pages and Files>.


        Why must one toggle back and forth from <wiki> to <Pages & Files> each time?

        Because otherwise the folders will be embedded under one another. 

       (You want all 9 folders to be at the same level under FOLDERS.)

        Do not use periods or other special characters or you will get a green warning--and no folder.


    Open the Summary Matrices folder, Choose the correct Summary Matrix for the year you began the program.

       Summary Matrices


    When you have your folders built, click Goal 0: Introduction.

       Look for the <Upload> button. Upload your Prospectus from EESL 670. Upload the rubric for it also.

       Continue to upload files and rubrics.  Make sure you are in the correct Goal folder before uploading.

       Make sure all uploads are clearly entitled by Summary Matrix #.


   Add User. Important!  Click on <Users> tab  on the top blue menu bar.

      On User page, <Add User>: lynnediazrico@yahoo.com>


   E-mail <lynnediazrico@yahoo.com> if you have any problems.














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